Moving mxd with a gdb without moving another gdb and having the right links

04-17-2020 06:05 AM
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Hi together,

the folloing Situation consists in my area:

i have a templete with a mxd and a file-gdb with projectspecific Content. The mxd have different Content: data from the Project.gdb, data from further gdbs at other places, web map Services...

User take those templetes (mxd with an Project.gdb) and copy it to their area (same drive). 

The Problem now is, that using the "relativ path" via "map document properties" the connection to the feature Classes to the gdbs which are still at the same places (central data) failed. Not using this "relativ path" means that the feature Classes of the Project.gdb are linked to the Project.gdb of the old place. 

The best would be, that after copying the templete the mxd includes the data of the central gdbs and the data from the Project.gdb (which moved with the mxd).

Have someone an idea so solve this problem?

Thanks a lot!

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Create your new MXD with a different name

Navigate to the MXD in collector

Right click on it and select Set Data Source(s)

Or before saving the mxd uncheck the relative path name.

Move it to a different directory

Open in in ArcMap and you will see all your Features with a red x

Right click on it and select Data > Repair Data Source and it should repair them all at one time.  Just repair it to the new database

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thats the way i want to avoid. 

So i need a way without the need to repair the link to the source.

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Relative path would require the data paths to be set up in each user's space. So that is often the same folder or a folder under the location of the mxd. 

Not sure why they can't copy it that way, You could look into Map Packaging, which will keep links together; however, it is not always reliable or easy to use.

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