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01-22-2014 12:01 AM
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Hi All,
Apologies for the long email firstly!

I'm creating a new geodb with several mosaic datasets which will be published as services.  The mosaics cover areas of bathymetry around Ireland, so there are 5 North, South, East, West and OffshoreWest (in WGS84) which link to the source tifs(all in WGS84).

These are then combined into 2 mosaics called All_Surveys which is in Web Mercator projection and combines all of the above mosaics and a second mosaic for just the coastal waters called CoastalSurveys again in Web Mercator combining the North, SOuth, East and West mosaics. 

I've 2 questions firstly when calculating the statistics for the All_Surveys and CoastalSurveys it seems to take a very long time, is there anyway to speed this process up? e.g. I started it yesterday at 5.30 and it's still going 16.5hours later. The statistics will have been calculated in the source mosaics but I seem to have to do this again before I can see the data in the combined mosaics.

Secondly is this structure ok??  Initially I had another layer, I had the mosaics linking to the source files (WGS84), I had them combined into 2 mosaics as above but these were in WGS84, and then I created 2 reference mosaics in Web Mercator.  The issue I had with this is I need to have 2 copies of the geodb - a development and a production geodb. I could update all of the paths except for the reference mosaics when moving the geodb from one server to the other, in the reference mosaic one of the tables insisted on linking back to the original development server and as a result I did away with the reference mosaics altogether.
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