Mosaic's not drawing at all levels

07-10-2014 03:57 PM
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I am creating mosaics for the purpose of publishing cached map services in ArcGIS Server.

When I create the mosaic, I add rasters and then build overviews using the default settings.

I notice that at some random zoom levels (mostly the larger scales) at random locations, the overviews don't render, and there are black and white checkers. I am used to only seeing this if overviews have not been built.

Does this mean the overviews have not built properly? Or perhaps I have not set the settings correctly?


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I've moved your post into the Managing Data space. You will get a much better answer here as the GeoNet Help is intended for community help and feedback. You can see more on the community structure, and what topics are under each space from the following documents:

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I had this issue earlier this week and resolved it by changing the default value of 20 in 'Mosaic properties (right click it) > Defaults > Maximum Number or Rasters per Mosaic' to 10, and recreate service. The number can be adjusted to the preferred performance.

I found this info in a thread last week, but I don't have hope in finding it again in the new format.


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