Mosaic Dataset _ methods and problems

03-07-2012 12:20 AM
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Hi All,

I am created a mosaic of 20 Geoeye-1 images.
they are acquired over three different dates (3 to 9 months apart)

I used the following methodology to mosaic them

1- clip nodata, zero values, cloud cover, and water portions
2- mosaic images from the same date (three mosaic dataets)
3- create geodatabase
4- create new empty mosaic dataset
5- add images to the mosaic dataset
6- edit footprints
6- build and edit seamlines
7- build boundary
9- run 'color balance tool'
8- generate overview
9- export to raster

the mosaic looked acceptable but I faced the following problems.

A)when I mosaic pan-sharpened images I get very bad color balance
if the raw ms images are mosaiced the color balance is good or acceptable

B) there is a shift between some images in the mosaic. it exists in some parts and not in others.


C) when exporting the mosaic to .img, .tif other formats the image quality is reduced, and noisy image is prodcued.
some times the noise is higher at lower scales, when zooming in it is reduced.

D) pixilation occures in some parts of the image. usually from the images at the end of mosaic. these white pixels has nodata in the red band only. see the examples below.


Thanks a lot and sorry about the long post
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I just wanted to bump this thread in the hopes that someone would see it that has some guidance.

I'm currently experiencing Problem B, displacement on some tiles in the Color Balanced image... I seem to be getting this problem when using the ArcToolbox, but not when using the Color Balance Window (this tends to lead to a 'Not Responding' ArcMap) in 10.0.
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Hello Mohammed,

Good to see you made it through the process.  Just wanted to know what version of ArcGIS you were using.  The process has improved with version 10.2.1.

In kind spirit,
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Hi Mohammad,

I would advice deleting raster functions before doing some Color balancing. Do you have defined Raster Functions? If you use pan-sharpened Images from the Raster Product, you should have some... The Export and Pixalation issues may belong to these functions as well. To avoid it, process pansharpened Images using the specific tool before.

The shift may belong to slightly different spatial references, it this possible?

Greetings, Ralf

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