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Mosaic Dataset Configuration Script command line arguments

09-11-2014 01:36 PM
New Contributor

Has anyone successfully used the "-p" argument? I am trying to pass a value to the Dataset_ID variable in my xml but I don't seem to be getting the syntax correct. The documentation specifies -p:<value>$<variable> but when I enter -p:Baltimore_2010$dataset_id it does not change anything in the resulting MD attribute table. Any help would be appreciated!

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My apology for the delay in responding to this.  I think you have confused the command line arguments when calling MDCS with the XML files for configuring the data.  We'll update our doc to be more clear.  If you were putting this string into the XML file, see below - the "-p:VALUE" goes on the command line.

Let us know how it goes!
Cody B

Command Line :

The command line when executing the tool should look like this.


Config File:

In the config xml file the node dataset_id can have the following syntax. 


Where :-

fail_safeValue is a value to be used in case for some reason MDCS is unable to pass a the value from the command line to the config file

MyDataID   should match the variable specified in the command line.


  1. Note the (semicolon) ; and (dollar) $ symbols. Must be followed exactly.
  2. The entire syntax (underlined above) must be within a node in the xml file.
New Contributor

Thanks for the response Cody. I just ran my test xml and batch file with your recommendations and it worked great. Now I can just point to a few template configuration files when generating my source mosaic datasets. Massive breakthrough for my workflow. Thanks again!

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Esri Regular Contributor

"Massive breakthrough for my workflow "

I like the sound of that!

Let us know if you have an interesting story we can share with others...

Cody B.

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