Modelbuilder workspace problem

01-23-2017 02:28 AM
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I am trying to run a Modelbuilder model from ArcMap catalogue (ie. not inside Modelbuilder). In the modeI I have defined workspaces for current and scratch workspaces as model parameters (not connected, but as standalone model variables). I call upon these parameters using inline variables (%xxxx%). Also, in the environment for the model I have defined the parameters for current and scratch workspaces as inline variables.

However, when I run the model I get error messages in reference to paths. When re-open the model I notice that paths to workspaces has changed. It now also contains information on my default workspace as defined for ArcMap.

I need to have workspaces transparent to the computer running the model (the model will need to be reached from other computers), not needing to go into the model and correct the paths before execution. I cannot accept having hard coded paths for workspace and scratch.

How do I configure my model so that my paths not will be changed by ArcMap default coonfigurations.

I am working on ArcMap 10.3

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