Model builder tool to extract nth-order neighbors from an initial selection

03-13-2019 03:22 PM
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I want to be create feature classes that correspond to the nth-order neighbor of an initial polygon. I want to integrate the procedures into a tool with the help of Model builder (for teaching purposes).

For now, I can create a 1st order-neighbor selection from the initial polygon (with Select layer by location tool) and make a feature class with it (with Make feature class and Copy feature tools).

As I try to insert "For" iterations and as I try to use that 1st order-neighbor selection to create a feedback loop, I keep having different problems (only one shape is created, nothing is created, arcgis crashes).

I am intermediate-beginner level, so maybe I'm aiming the wrong way.

Could someone help me?

PS1: I don't mind having a separate shape as my initial polygon or simply selecting one polygon in the input feature (test_neighbor)

PS2: I'm looking for 3 iterations at least

Example of feature class I want to extract neighbors from (test_neighbor) and initial selection (selection) :

Example of working model but with no feedback, with result (on the right):

Example of model with feedback (not working):

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