Metadata Utility for the data collected from various sources

06-26-2015 06:53 AM
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We have gathered data from various sources based on projects- Many a times this data comes in various types (shapefiles, csv and gdb) with limited or no metadata and everything is uploaded to SDE. I am looking for the utility which can help in auto-populate most of the metadata fields based on any of the metadata standard (FGDC or ISO) etc. Thanks

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Hopefully the metadata files you are getting are in XML format. If they are you can rename the XML to filename.datatype.xml for example Shapefile_1.shp.xml or Layer_1.lyr.xml. This should allow Arc to read the XML when the file is opened in ArcCatalog. You would then need to run the Upgrade Metadata tool and select the FGDC to ArcGIS or other format that you suspect the file is in. Hope this helped.

- Justin

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