Merging shapes within a feature

11-25-2016 04:26 AM
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Hi all,

I have a polygon shapefile with 1800 records. I want to slim this down by merging together records with either:

a) duplicate/matching area sizes in the Area field


b) matching first 6 letters of a reference ID field.

So below, the 4 'Armes Court' shapes would combine into one and same with the 'Avon Court' shapes etc etc...

There are too many records to go manually merging them togther.


also, why can't i publish this question in a general 'GIS' location? When I click browse places, all the cateogories are really specific. I've had to choose python as perhaps the solution to my question is python...? who knows...

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Isn't dissolve what you want to do?

You may have to create a new dissolve item in your attribute table first, then copy over those first 6 characters across.


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I've made a new text field to copy across the first 6 characters into, do you know what vb/python code I should use in field calculator to only take the FIRST 6 characters over? or copy it all then DELETE the last 4 numbers from the right?

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Dissolve wont work as standard on the 2 fields as you require, however do you really need to merge where the areas are the same also, is the first 6 characters of the uniqueID not enough?

(Your rows for "Armes court" will not dissolve into 1 feature as they have different areas)

Anyways, if just the uniqueIDs is just enough, the workflow is:

1)  Calculate field using expression:

left( [QL_PROPID], 6)

2) Dissolve using this new field as the dissolve field.

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Or if you wanted the python version. Check the python parser radio button first.

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Thanks LukeW

Yes I didn't realise there were two different areas for armes court. I guess what I only want, is to dissolve based on the Unique ID field.

I'll create a new text field to transfer the first 6 characters over. Then I'll dissolve.

I always get confused with the 'left' and 'right' in vb scripts. And whether it deletes or keeps the specified characters.


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