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05-15-2017 11:09 PM
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Hi All

 I have a layer that represent streams direction. But the problem is that each stream is consist of small segments as the blue segment in the screenshot bellow how can I make each stream (such as stream in the black polygon) to be one segment?





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and how it works...

I suspect you want "unsplit lines"

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Hi Dan

Thanks for your reply

This tool work when i have just two lines but in my case its not a solution

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How about unsplit line ... I don't have anything to test on right now

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What if....  You select all those line segments you want as one and write them to their own feature class.  Then in an edit session on that new feature class select all of them, and the under edit, select merge....

That should just about do it....
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You can make the selection more easier and accurate.just select one stream of the group and use Select By Location as the picture:

 selection method : add to the currently selected features in

spatial selection method for target layer feature : intersect the source layer

and check use selected features.

click apply and see the selected features count. And click on apply button many times until the selected count stop increasing , that mean the all group are selected you can merge it . and do that for each group.

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