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Merging 4 raster layers into 1 + avoiding overlaps

11-24-2013 06:37 AM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: masa8187

I have four raster layers that all represent different soil types. Now I want to merge them into one single layer with four different classes. I have been told that I can use Raster Caculator for this - but which expression should I use?

I also need to find a way to eliminate any overlapping where more than one class is identifiable in the same area. Is there a way to "rank" the classes? An area covered by class 1 and 2 should be classified as 1, areas covered by class 2, 3 and 4 should be classified as 2 and so on.

In the end I want one shape-file with four different non-overlapping classes.
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I believe this can be accomplished with "CON" statements in the raster calculator. I would nest the statements, working from highest ranking to lowest. So, in pseudo code: Condition1 ( raster1 not null, use raster1, else(condition2( raster2 not null, use raster2, else(condition3( raster3 not null ......
If you need more explicit instruction, send a reply to the thread, and I or someone else can elaborate.
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