Make a movie from geotiff files by using time series visualization

03-06-2015 03:15 AM
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Hey there,

I'd like to create a movie from a collection of geotiffs and I need a little bit of help to accomplish this. Here are the subtasks, which I think are necessary in order to accomplish that.

1. The geotiff files have so far no date property. I'd like to set for each of the files a start and an end date. However, at the moment I cannot see the time tab in the Layer Properties. How can I enable this? (NB: The geotiffs contain float 32 bit data)

2. Some of the geotiffs don't have the same spatial extent, but are overlapping (coordinate system and resolution of the pixel cells are the same). The date (meaning start till end date) is not the same, but also overlapping. If I set up a movie based on dates, will the data change accordingly, meaning that I will see first a change on one side of the image, than on the other? That would be awesome.

3. I'd like to see the dates within the movie, so I need to create some kind of text field, that is changing according to the change of the image.

That's it so far, I guess some more questions might pop up during the setup. At the moment I really need some help on getting started as I am struggeling to get this date on my geotiff files. Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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