Looking for info/contacts - Raster conversion to Minecraft- Can anyone help?

10-08-2014 06:22 AM
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Hello everyone,


I'm looking for any information, models, suggestions, methodologies etc. regarding the conversion of real world data into Minecraft.


I am aware of what the Ordnance Survey of Britain and the Danish Geodata Agency have done and have received information from them but was wondering if there is any other readily available scripts specific to ArcGIS etc. to do this.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance,



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Do you have FME?  I just watched a webinar on it.  It is very exciting!

Geospatial and Minecraft - Why You Should Care | Webinar | Safe Software

I've been looking into this too, but I'm not familiar with it enough yet.  I also did a search with something like "Minecraft GIS" and several articles show up with FME.

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Hi Kenric,

I have seen the webinar and we have been in contact with SAFE Software. It

IS very exciting!

Best Regards,

Darren Platakis (H)BSc. Geog., GIS(PG), FRCGS

Geospatial Niagara <http://www.geospatialniagara.com>

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