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09-21-2015 03:40 PM
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We are trying to update our information at night when no one has a connection to our information. I Have created Models and Exported then to Python Scripts to do this. Our scripts will not run correctly being there are still locks on these files. I'm able to go into Windows Explorer and delete these files Manually. My question is why we are still showing lock files after connections to information are severed, I thought they were supposed to go away after all connections have been severed. Also when I go into delete these files manually, as soon as I highlight them, I don't have confirm deleting them, they automatically go away.

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What type of files are you trying to update (eg. file geodatabases)?

What version of ArcGIS are you running?

Are any of these python scripts hitting ArcGIS Server (AGS) mapservices?

If the python scripts are hitting AGS mapservices, are you trying to delete the feature class and create a new feature?  If you are trying to delete the feature class this will throw errors due to file geodatabase locks, so I would recommend a truncate and append process where you deleterows and then append thus not modifying the schema of the file geodatabase.

I hope this information is applicable to you and can help you out.