Local Government Model able to be used for multi-modal routing?

11-08-2012 09:49 AM
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We are looking to migrate our unorganized campus data (shapefiles) into a structured data model that supports routing (and potentially other capabilities). We've been introduced to the Local Government Information model at the ESRI user conference and are starting to do our research and find the best solution for our application.

Our first concern is that the Local Government Model does not have the appropriate attributes to support multi-modal routing (Oneway paths, Twoway paths, Turn Restrictions, Elevators and Indoor stairways for ADA routing, etc..). I find it hard to believe that such a robust data model doesn't have the functionality to support routing and was hoping on getting some insight into this.

Any resources or help regarding this would be much appreciated!!

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This is an old thread but we recently are becoming more interested in the Local Government Information Model (LGIM).  The next big project for our UCSB Interactive Campus Map (ICM) will be to add routing/directions.  Before we migrate our data to the LGIM, I want to make sure that it can support multi-modal routing on the related features in the LGIM datasets (walking, biking, driving).

Any resources / examples of how routing is accomplished with the LGIM would be very helpful, thanks!
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Bryan -

We have not developed or deployed any multi-model routing applications yet with the ArcGIS for Local Government solution.  So I can't say whether the information model will support such yet.  That being said, you can certainly extend the information model to support your specific needs. 


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