Loading Geometries from SQL Server to ArcGIS Pro fails

04-19-2021 10:03 AM
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We have a large table with line geometries of borehole paths on an EnterpriseDB on SQL Server which loads perfectly to the map in ArcGIS Pro.

Now I created a view by joining the mentioned table with another table that is stored in a non-Enterprise DB but on the same SQL-Server. Unfortunately, I have no rights to do so in the EnterpriseDB. This query itself works. However, when loading the data into the map it takes a lot of time and only a small part of the data is actually shown. Loading the attribute table fails with "Error: The number of points is less than required for feature".

According to the related help page the error could - among others - be caused by points laying at the same location. As the line geometries refer to borehole paths (X Y Z, X Y Z, ...) many of them are strait vertical with two points on top of each other (with different Z-values, of course). The few line geometries that show up in the map indeed are not strait vertical. This may be an indication that this location overlay could be the cause of the problem. If this is likely to be the issue, what would be the right solution?

If this was is unlikely the cause, what could I do in order to get it work?

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Just verifying that if you run the query in SSMS it works as expected?

Is there anyway to get a copy of the table from the non-GDB into the Enterprise GDB for testing?

I know that some cross DB joins / views can get wonky.


--- George T.
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