Layers from Licensed File Geodatabase behave inconsistently in ArcMap

02-02-2016 09:51 AM
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10.3.1 Desktop Advanced

Windows 7 64bit

i7 Dell workstation

I need to send a copy of sensitive data to a contractor and created a Licensed File Geodatabase.  That much worked well, but I found that the documentation on these GDB doesn't discuss functionality in ArcMap - definition query, symbols, labels, joins, etc.  I did some testing to make sure that the recipient can get the information he needs in the usual ways.  I immediately ran into inconsistencies and missing functionality.


  • Selecting from attribute table doesn’t hightlight the feature, just the table record.
  • Interactive select tool highlights both the feature and its table record.
  • Can’t push relates (relationship classes) from the table (Related tables: None).
  • Can’t flash feature from the table.
  • Can identify from the attribute table and all fields are shown, then select from the id window will highlight the feature.
  • Interactive Identify tool returns only the resource name, can’t flash or select the feature.
  • Related tables aren’t shown in the identify window, regardless of how you open the id window.
  • Zoom and pan to a feature are grayed out in the Identify window.
  • Zoom and pan go to the center of the extent of the entire layer, not the selected feature. License tab in Layer Properties is empty.
  • Can establish a join, but the features don’t  display. Removed the join and get drawing error: cannot acquire a lock. Data is on my computer, not open in any other software. Closed MXD and reopened it. Data is back. This happened twice, so it wasn’t a brief network slowdown, which can cause drawing errors.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, because I don't see anyone else reporting problem with licensed FGDB.  Any suggestions are welcome.

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