Issues with Delete Identical Tool?

04-02-2014 07:55 AM
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I have been having an issue that hopefully someone might have some insight on...

I had some doubts on whether the tool was working properly for me so I did a little experiment by taking a shapefile and making an identical copy of it...merged the two together and then ran the Delete Identical tool, expecting the results to be cut in half since there should be 2 of every feature of the shapefile, only for it to delete just a few features.

Is this how the tool is supposed to work and I am just mistaken in my expectations?

Here is a detailed version of what I am trying to do:

I have downloaded multiple regions of data from the NHD, merged those together to obtain flowlines for the entire state of Illinois and then clipped the flowlines with a state polygon. The issue I have is the 3 major rivers bordering the state are not complete since the flowlines exceed the boundary of the state. So what I did was select the 3 major rivers and made that into its own shapefile and then merged that with the clipped flowline shapefile. After that was completed I ran the Delete Identical tool and that is where I began to question the results of the process.

Edited to add: I am running ArcGIS 10.0

I'm hoping someone may have some insight or experience in dealing with this type of issue.

Thank you for reading and any help!

Jonathan Newell
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Illinois State Water Survey
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I'm not familiar with the data you are using but if you are using multiple regions of data, then I suspect the features aren't exact duplicates.  What fields were you using when trying to delete identical features and were the values in those fields exactly the same?
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