Issue with Map Topology and Align Edge

11-05-2012 04:10 AM
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I�??m having an issue with Map Topology and using the Align Edge tool.  Apparently it can only include features from the same data source and all feature classes have to have write access.  I have a Land Use and Zoning feature class that needs to be aligned to a Parcel feature class.  Since the user does not have write access to the Parcel feature class, it cannot be part of the map topology. 

Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions for another method that is as easy as the Align Edge?  We are using 10.1.

Thank you
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Perhaps not as easy as the align edge, but you might be able to do the following two step in a kind of batch mode.  Select your parcel features, then use the split tool to cut off any overlap in the land use features.  Delete the overlaps.  Select your parcel features and use the construct features using existing features tool to fill in the gaps.  Merge the gaps with the appropriate feature.
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You can also try the align to shape tool on the advanced editing toolbar.
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