is vrt file a valid raster data?

08-16-2017 04:51 PM
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I have a VRT file (it's a depth map from ras mapper) and I was trying to convert it to polygon so I can edit the shape. however, raster to polygon tool couldnt recognize my vrt file. I checked that vrt is in the list of supported raster data and wonder why this tool doesnt recognize my vrt file? 


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Hi, I just came across your question while looking up something else for VRTs, but thought I should mention that RAS mapper can export your Depth as an inundation boundary directly as a shapefile very handily, so you can opt to have HECRAS export it to Shapefile and then edit it in ARCGIS. I know it's six months or so late, but hopefully it will help if you have this issue in the future.

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