Is there anyone who knows how maximum line features that ArcGIS can handle? (Maximum capacity)

08-18-2014 10:52 AM
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Hello all

I am now working with so called "Big Data" and I found out that the maximum polyline features that GIS (I use ArcGIS10.2) can handle  is about 20 millions. If there were more lines over 23 or 24 mllions, the ArcGIS would say: This features cannot be drawn (I also found out these error features cannot be created).


Now, I just wonder if someone has such same situation or if someone who knows how maximum capacity that ArcGIS can work with? (Only for lines and points). I just want to make sure If I had any mistakes.


This would be very helpful for me.

Thank you.

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Based on my experience, I've never dealt with such a large number of features but I think for lines at least, the issue boils down to how many vertices you have per line. The more vertices the line has the longer and slower the features will draw and the more processing power it takes to draw the features.

Your data may be perfectly fine but if it exceed certain capabilities of your computer and the software it may not draw properly.

See here for some limitation information for file sizes and GDBs in Arc. ArcGIS Desktop

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Strange that anyone would need that many lines at one time since data can be parsed by geometry and/or attributes for use when it is needed

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