Is it possible to use a geometric network created using sinks (NOT by digitized direction) to redefine 'start' and 'end' nodes of network lines to match the new flow direction?

03-10-2017 01:38 PM
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I would like to create an accurate depiction of 'start' and 'end' nodes of stormwater lines based on 'flow direction'. A geometric network was developed for the stormwater network, but based on 'sinks' rather than digitized direction. The digitized direction does not reflect the true flow direction and cannot be used directly, so the 'feature vertices to points' tool does not work to create accurate start and end nodes based on true flow direction.

Is there any way to assign an order to structures along the stormwater lines based on flow direction of the geometric network? Or a way to redefine the 'start and end' nodes based on the geometric network?

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