Is it possible to edit a joined table?

03-10-2016 08:41 AM
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Is it possible to edit a joined table?  I am working with a Street Centerline feature with an asset management (AM) table joined to it.  I am able to edit the (AM) directly, but I would like to make the edits from the Street Centerline as I zoom to certain lines.  Thanks for your help!

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When tables are joined the only table available for editing is the source table.

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I presume you don't want to make the join permanent by saving to a new file... otherwise... what Wes says

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That's where a relationship class or a simple relate comes in handy; as long as you have write permission to the related table, you can edit it at will.  I like to keep related tables in the same geodatabase (if possible) so I can simply open an edit session and everything can be edited.

That should just about do it....