Invalid geometry.

11-10-2014 03:33 PM
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I need someones help here. I am trying to create a polygon from the events coordinates i generated on my Arcmap, but it keeps telling me Invalid geometry, please what can i do to solve this problem, i wabt to get the coordinates so i can use it to get the aerial photograph?

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Hi Durojaye,

Can you provide a little more detail.  For example, can you walk us through your workflow in ArcMap?

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Polygons have very specific requirements for successful construction, and are heavily dependent on ordering.  Making a polygon from a random collection of points is generally not possible, though it may be possible based on the extent of the distribution of those points, or by applying analysis methods like a convex hull to the set of points.  You'd need to provide a screenshot of what you have, with a sketch of what you hope to generate in order to best get assistance with this question.

- V

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