Import From CAD to Geodatabase - Explode Complex Features option not in 10?

08-14-2012 10:18 PM
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In 9.3 when importing a CAD file to Geodatabase (Conversion - To Geodatabase - From CAD) there was the option to 'Explode Complex Features' as a little tick box. That is no longer available in the 10  in the CAD to Geodatabase tool. Is it somewhere else with a new name or has it been removed completely? The advanced editing option doesn't work for our purposes.



Thanks in advance.
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Hola Alex,

In looking into this issue you are describing for you, I was able to locate where this has been submitted to our developers as a "Equivalency" bug to have this option added back the geoprocessing toolbox. I was also able to locate a possible work around, where this has worked for some of our users and it's current status for you. Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues. Gracias, Alex!

[NIM060864 CAD to Geodatabase does not allow users to explode complex objects during the import process, attributes cannot be associated with the correct features]

Suggested Work around:
The attached "importcad_931.tbx" (zip file) includes a model that runs the deprecated Import from CAD tool from 9.3.1 at version 10.  This model will allow the user to explode complex objects (blocks from AutoCAD, CELLs from Microstation) to extract the features they contain and expose their attributes so the attribute tables can be joined to the feature classes in the output geodatabase.

This workaround also allows access to Xdata from AutoCAD.

Assigned - The Nimbus bug/enhancement has been imported into StarTeam and assigned to a Development lead.  The Development lead is accountable for the issue.

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Thankyou for your help - however when I open this tool it has the statement 'this tool has no parameters' with no drop down menus to choose the files etc...looks like I'm going to need to find someone with 9.3.1 - why can't ESRI makes sure things that people use and need aren't removed in the first place when they 'update' their software?
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