I have annotations with line callouts in SQL geodatabase

01-06-2017 12:44 AM
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I have annotations in SQL geodatabase. These annotations have leaders as line callouts. In ArcMap, Selecting the annotations with the SELECT ELEMENTS TOOL, is only working if I also select the leader lines by having the SELECTION BOX fully covering the leader lines and the strings. However, before it used to work by just having the SELECTION BOX partially covering / touching the line callouts, but fully covering the strings, so that the strings would be selected fully, and the line callouts won't be selected. Then I would use the GRAPHICS TOOL to align the strings left or right and distribute vertically.

The last time I used the functionality was in Dec 2015 with ArcGIS 10.3.

Now I'm using 10.4.1. I upgraded recently from 10.3. However, I tested with one PC where 10.3 had not been upgraded and still it did not work.

Anyone who knows why this functionality is no longer working?

Select elements tool and Graphics tool    


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