How to set up a geocoding service on an onsite ArcGIS setup

07-20-2016 02:46 PM
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Hi, This is Albert Paulraj. I would like some help  on setting up a geocoding service on an on premise ArcGIS set up.

Any suggestions welcome. Thank you!

The end goal is to integrate ESRI plugin for Cognos with ARCGIS on premise platform.

I have installed ArcGIS Server/Portal plus federated and set up a hosting server (ArcGIS Data Store). I have also installed ESRI plugin for Cognos. The Cognos plugin, ARCGIS Server plus portal all communicate to each other with no issues.

The situation is when I try to upload a file that has zip codes to the portal, I get a message 'Your portal is not configured to find locations from address stored in files.' Googling gave the below link, which i am still reading but not able to make a conclusion on how to set up a geocoding service:

Configure the portal to geocode addresses—Portal for ArcGIS  (10.4.1) | ArcGIS for Server

Below is a snippet from the link above:


You can add the following types of geocoding services to the portal:

The above link talks about 4 option to configure a geocoding service:

Option 4: Use World Geocoder from ESRI is not an option as our company security policy restricts any outside traffic.All other options except option 1 (from a federated or a hosting server) is the viable option.

Per the link (from a federated or hosting server.) I navigate to ArcGIS Server manager I see the following services: Geometry, printing tools, Search, search indexer. I am expecting to see Geocoder service (I could be wrong). I am not seeing the Geocoder service. Question is do i need to install any other component for example, ArcGIS Desktop or with the existing set up (Server/Portal/Data Store) I can turn on some feature that will list Geocoder service on my Server Manager, using which when I upload a file on my portal with zip codes the geocoder service will translate the zip codes and plot it on map?

Thank you, Albert

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