How to organize data in SDE (feature datasets or not)

11-03-2011 11:03 AM
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Hi, my company is planning to migrate all of our data to ArcSDE 10 soon.  We are trying to decide if we should organize our data in feature datasets or not.  I have heard that in the past feature datasets slowed down performance and where only recommended if using topology or networks.

So should we plan on organizing our data in feature datasets or have all the data in the root of the SDE database and use a naming convention to help locate the data?  Any information would be helpful.
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Feature data sets are not folders. Using them for organization will add administrative limitations, especially when it comes to permissions.

For data in a feature data set:
Read/Editing permissions are all or nothing.  No granularity.
Register as versioned are all or nothing. No granularity.
If one feature class is opened in a fds, they are all "locked" from an administrative perspective.

Feature data sets should only be used for data that will participate in geometric networks,topologies, etc.

If you want to organize your data for users I'd suggest using layer files and folders.

Good luck!

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