how to import a geo tif into arcmap

04-03-2014 06:16 AM
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a simple task. I want to import a raster image into arcmap (arcmap desktop 10.2.1 single license, localy on on pc).
Format is geo tif, its already georeferenced correctly. I really dont find how to. In the Data Interoperability Tool/ Quick import it seems only some formats are possible. I tried already mapinfo/tab which gave only an error message...
I thought it should be a quite simple task to import this standard format... In mapinfo i only open the file and everything is fine...
Does anybody have a simple description?

Only thing i  need is open a project (.gdb) import the geotif and thats it. I use only this one raster image, the georeference and work with that.
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File > Add Data...  ??
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File > Add Data...  ??

ArcMap reads geotiff, no need to convert / import.  Just add it as Mark suggests.
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