How to edit precision and scale attribute table

05-22-2014 07:26 PM
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Excuse me Master GIS in this forum. Need ur help, please? I have problem in editing precision and scale attribute table. I build feature class with name ID_PILE_P. Furthermore, my build geodatabase has been reviewed by client. The result had different in precision and scale table. How to edit precision and scale table in feature class in this geodatabase. Review result and geodatabase attached this question. Please help me..thank you for ur help before.

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Generally speaking, you should set the desired floating-point precision parameters (width and digits)
at table creation.  Oracle sometimes won't let you change values after the fact (if the table has data
and it thinks you are trying to increase precision retroactively).

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I have set precision and scale appropriate request from my client. I created a table column with type "double" with precision 38 and scale 8 but the precision be 18 and scale 8. And then, I input the shapefile into a personal geodatabase, the precision and scale be zero value (0). How is maximum value precision and scale in column attribute table? Is it the default value in the geodatabase? Is it a case that affect this change? Please explanation or way to the precision and scale not change zero value into geodatabase.
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You're not going to get 38 digits of precision out of a IEEE 64-bit floating point value, period.
Shapefiles, due to a dBase limitation, aren't even going to get 18 digits.  Personal geodatabase
is a form of Access; I don't ever use that.

It's time for a more complete description of your ArcGIS software and input and output data
formats, so you can find someone familiar with your goal.

- V
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