How to create advance Replicas in Pro?

06-01-2021 02:41 PM
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I run a distributed geodatabase system. I have replica-child GDBs at my remote locations. Normally I've been creating these in ArcMap but I've been wanting to create them in Pro. However I cannot figure out how to generate a replica of all the feature classes in a feature dataset like in ArcMap. In ArcMap the geoprocessing tool allows you to choose an Advance step to create all feature classes in a feature dataset. Does this exist in Pro Create Replica geoprocessing tool?

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Hey Map2021

In ArcGIS Pro's Create Replica Tool, instead of selecting the layer from the drop down list, click the folder button. Navigate to your database connection, expand and select the feature dataset in question. This populates in the text box under Replica Datasets. In my screen shot below, Cadastre is a feature dataset with two unique feature classes. This option will not honor any definition queries.

Which version of ArcMap are you using? In 10.8.1, the advanced settings are the same as found in ArcGIS Pro.


Thanks Ed

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