how to create a new user to edit the special sde data

12-16-2014 11:22 PM
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i want create a user called user1,and the version user1.user1,it's parent is sde.DEFAULT,the user user1 only can edit the data of version user1.user1,it can't edit the version sde.DEFAULT's data,but it can view the data,how should i create the user?

i use the tool to create the user,but it can't see any data created by the sde user(

what should i do?thanks

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Hi Wesker albert,

The message , you can't edit version , only when other then the user created that version and make it protected / private then no one except SDE user can edit , other wise you have to create version with PUBLIC enabled .

This option allows every user to edit / view .

may it work with you .


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Hi Muhammad Attique,

Thanks a lot,so it means i have to make the version sde.DEFAULT to public?but if i do so ,it is not safe,because every can edit the data,i realy did it in arcgis 10.0,i have three versions like below:



| - - QA.QA


            | - - USER1.USER1

and i also create two users QA and USER1 in SQL Server ManagerStudio, i give them the role:db_owner(if i don't give the role,they can't see any data created by sde user)

the sde user create the dataset and featureclass,(sde.SDE.xxxx)

the magic is ,it works,user QA and USER1 can see the data(sde.DEFAULT),but can't edit,but they can edit their version's data,the user can import the data into their version(also through arcobjects)

but it doesn't works in arcgis 10.2.2,i do the same,it just don't works

is the 10.2.2 different from 10.0?

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