How to convert Shapefile (SHP) to ESRI Smart Data Compression (SDC) file

03-31-2016 02:23 PM
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We are using ESRI Smart Data Compression (SDC) files in our basic-mapping data sets in thousands of our maps.  This data, however, needs to be updated now.  In order not to spoil all the maps, we are looking for a way to do the updates by overriding the old data in the ESRI Smart Data Compression (SDC) files.

How we can convert the shapefiles into ESRI Smart Data Compression (SDC) files?

Would you, please, share your experience on this matter?

Special thanks in advance for your collegial help!

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SDC is now a relatively obscure in many circles

Quick Export—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop of the Data Interoperability extension says it will convert between arcgis readable formats, but you would have to dig further.  Migration to file geodatabases might be prudent at some stage, or at least done in parallel with your updates.

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Thank you Dan! 

Conversion is one of the solutions (saving time for updating old maps) in our case, regarding so many old maps.

For the new maps, however, we have migrated to geodatabase, which is way more efficient, and easy to be manipulated and updated.

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Creating SDC datasets requires a special compiler which Esri does not ship.  The Data Interoperability extension doesn't handle SDC either.  Dan's advice is good, consider moving to File Geodatabase as your data publishing format; you can compress or license File Geodatabases to control your deliverable.  Please see the File Geodatabase toolset under Data Management.

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