How to convert polygons into different random points group proportionally

08-18-2017 05:46 AM
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I have a polygon layer of many districts boundaries with attribute tables including total population, total woman and total man.

I tried to use random points to show proportion of men and women in different boundaries.

It means that for I want to convert polygons in to random points, in which 49% points represent men and 51% represent women (For example). I hope these two kinds of points are distributed equally in one district. And I hope the number of points in one district is decided by its total population compared to other districts.

My original method is create random points separately for women and men with proportional numbers. But these points will be overlapped, one layer will blur another layer.

I'm wondering if there is a way that could proportionally create random points based different attributes and equally distribute them in one certain polygon. The total number of points in one polygon is decided by total number of these attributes (Like women+men=population)

Or if there is a way that could create a map that show density of population and meanwhile show population's multiple attributes. For example, I want to show NYC's population density by points density and meanwhile show in one district, 60% people use subway (60%points distributed), 30% people use car (30%points distributed), 10%people use bicycles...

Thank you!

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