How do I Define Projection for RFE 2.0 Data in Arc Map?

04-03-2018 01:52 AM
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I am using the RFE data from USGS/FEWS for Kenya. I have downloaded the daily RFE 2.0 files for East Africa (bulk by year) from Products | Early Warning and Environmental Monitoring Program . There are five files: .bil, .blw, .clr, .hdr, and .stx. When I add the data (the .bil file) to ArcMap 10.5, I get the warning: "The following data sources you added are missing spatial reference information. This data can be drawn in ArcMap, but cannot be projected."

So I  Define Projection by Copying and  Modifying the Albers coordinate system according to the Documentation given on the website::

 Origin of latitudes : 1.000000 deg

 Central meridian : 20.000000 deg

 First std parallel : -19.000000 deg

 Second std parallel : 21.000000 deg

 Projection = ALBERS Conical Equal-area projection uses the clarke 1866 spheroid


However, still the African rain does not map in the right place.

The rain .bil data is a dot inside Africa in the ESRI world map (CNTRY92 shapefile).

I need to use the data in ArcMap for further analysis.

Any idea what I am doing wrong.

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always assess whether a file is in the correct position in an empty data frame.  I suspect that your other files might not have a defined coordinate system and might be in decimal degrees.  

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