How can I achieve the ALL_TOUCHED raterization effect in GDAL in ArcMap?

10-31-2013 09:09 AM
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Raster Gurus,

My colleague converted a polygon dataset (buildings) into a raster dataset where every 50m pixel that is "touched" by a polygon is given a 1 (green) and un-touching is a 0(gray); see the figure below.

This was achieved using GDAL and the ALL_TOUCHED parameter turned on.

How can this be achieved in ArcMap? If I use Polygon to Raster tool and regardless of the cell Assignment parameter I cannot achieve this affect.  I tried converting my polygons to polylines and then using the polyline to raster tool but large polygons greater than 50m end up creating "donuts" as shown below:


Is ArcMap capable of creating a raster where every cell is assigned a value when it intersects or touched by a polygon?

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