Hosted Feature Service location and viewing

05-12-2021 02:40 PM
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Hi All,

I'm creating attribute rules for a project and believe that I need to publish the data as a hosted feature service rather than a feature access service.  My question is where does this data actually get stored?  I think I read that it was a PostgreSQL database at one time (even though our enterprise data is in SQL Server).  If this is the case, what is the name of the database and where is it located?  I need to be able to perform backups of the data as it is parcel sensitive data that must be reported on each year.  We will also be moving our streets and situs address layers to this format, that also has to be backed up nightly or twice a day.  I've found the command line for performing the backup, but do need to know the name of the database as well.  We have a federated Portal, so if the hosted feature service can be in our enterprise database, that would be great, it already has scheduled jobs for backups.

Additionally, if it is a hosted feature service that is not in the enterprise database schema, since I also need to be able to show this data in web apps, how do I publish a map service for viewing?  All of the services will need to be able to be viewed via an enterprise wide map service.  Also, can this data be set up for replication in order to have outside the firewall?  If not, then as long as I can locate the data in the database, I can set up FME (data interoperability) to be able to update the data in child databases.

I'm new to this part of the equation and need to set it up as efficiently as possible with little to no chance of data integrity failure.



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Hi Lorinda,

When you publish a hosted feature service it gets stored in the ArcGIS Data Store.

The ArcGIS Data Store is indeed a PostgreSQL database. It is not designed to be accessed like you would access an Enterprise Geodatabase in SQL Server. 

For web feature layers to take advantage of attribute rules, they must reference registered data sources. This ensures that the data is not copied during the publishing process and is directly referenced by the service.

Link here to share data with attribute rules as referenced data.


Best of luck

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