Help with planar topology.

03-20-2017 04:06 PM
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I have a layer of polygons. I made a feature dataset and imported that layer. Then I made a New Topology, added 2 rules and said yes to validate now.

Since only some of the tools on the Topography toolbar would work, (Error Inspector would not), I found the errors in this topography but fixed them in my original polygons layer.  It seemed to be working but then ArcMap shut down and sent me to the Report An Error screen.

1. Why was Error Inspector not live?  2. Does the layer of polygons imported become a different/new layer or is editing the original layer mess everything up?

Thank you!

Julie   #topography

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Julia... by chance are you talking about the topology toolbar? perhaps you might edit your question title and comments to reflect this if this is the case.  I would venture that there are more in tune with topology issues than topography issues.

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