Help finding right data for Chatham County GA

12-20-2015 08:08 AM
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I am following some tutorial and using my own data and its been difficult..

1. I need to get my data to look as the one in the tutorial and I have tried looking and cannot find data in my Census Block-Group that shows the following column: OWNER_CY, RENTER_CY, VACANT_CY etc...

I have attached the files for the Tutorial(using LA) and my files(using Chatham County GA)...

2. How can I get turn my block into CENTROID? like the one used in the tutorial? I am Using Chatham County data....

I have done few joins but cannot fine the data with RENTER

Thank you so much in advance for your help...


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Feature to point will solve your centroid question Feature To Point—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop assuming you have the Advanced license.  Otherwise, you will have some extra steps to take.

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   You can download the Census block points from The American Fact Finder can assist you in downloading the proper Census data for your use:

American FactFinder - Download Center

There are many prepachaged dataset available for you to choose from or you can choose Datasets and or tables and do joins in ArcMap to create the dataset will desired attributes.

Bottom line is it all boils down to familiarizing yourself with the Census site and data by searching the help and tutorials or basic trial and error.