Help auto-symbolizing based on two fields.

04-12-2019 07:27 AM
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I have to pull data about O&G Permits, Rigs, and SWDs all the time.  I then illustrate them by the Operator Company in lots of various areas.  I am trying to standardize the symbols and colors based on the type of point it is and the Operator Company. For example, I pull O&G Permits for a county and want to show all active permits as one symbol using standard colors for the Operator Company and want to show pending permits as another symbol using the same color scheme.  I have to now pull in the data and change the symbols manually and then try to match the colors between the 2 different layers.  I know I can import the color scheme but then I have to change the symbols manually one at a time.  I'd like to set up a system where all pending permits automatically symbolize as one symbol with the color scheme introduced and the active permits symbolize as the other symbol with the same scheme.  It is very time consuming right now.  If I was able to set it up once and introduce this same pattern over and over again I'd save HOURS.  It is even worse for SWDs.  I have to use 3 symbols based on permit status and then manually change the colors to match or manually change the symbols. Please help.  Second Question.  When I symbolize these two things by unique values based on the OpCompany field the label that comes up is the entire company name.  How can I change that to only grab the first word of the Company and illustrate that in my TOC and eventually in my legend?  I know how to write a label expression to label them as only the first word, but I can't get that to work in the symbology tab.  If anyone can help me automate this symbolizing, coloring, and labeling in the legend they would be saving me literally hours. If anybody has any ideas, then I am all EARS.

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