Getting Text recognised as a Domain item

08-06-2012 08:31 PM
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Hi All,

I am trying to use a domain for the first time, and I am finding it very handy. I have one small problem. I have a column with 3 unique values, they are "Reticulation" "Trunk" and "Delivery". Now these were originally entered manually as text using the field calculator.

Recently I created a domain with these 3 entities, "Reticulation" "Trunk" and "Delivery". Now this works fine when i create a new water meter, i can select from my drop down list what the water meter connects into.

Now when I sort my data, the items entered via field calculator are separated to the ones selected from the drop down list. The GIS are treating the items as being different. Is there a way i can convert the text ones to be part of the domain.

See screenshot of what it looks like when i click 'unique fields'. Should I be using '1 - Reticulation' in my field calculator?


Any suggestions?

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