Georeferencing a tif file

12-01-2011 11:19 AM
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I am using 9.2.

On the georeferencing toolbar under Transformations, 1st oder is the default.  All the selections are greyed out and unavailable with the 1st order checked thus the default.

How do I get to the point where all the transformations are available (i.e., not greyed out).  I would like to try one other than the 1st order which seems to be the only one available?

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Sounds like you just need to select more points to base the rectification on.

If i remember right 9.2 works like 10 in the georeference department and in order to get 2nd or 3rd order polynomial skews you need to have a certain number of points selected for the transformation.
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Please see the attached help documentation on the polynomial transformations.  This will help explain the higher the order of transformation used, the more points required.   For example the spline transformation requires 10 points.
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