Georaster Issues ArcGIS 10.3 - Oracle 12c

04-01-2015 01:05 AM
New Contributor

I am trying to get ArcMap to utilise Oracle SDO Georasters.


Oracle 12c :- Windows 64 bit

1) I created the tables using a sql script.

2) I loaded a geotiff into the tables,  the geotiff can be viewed using the oracle viewer.
3) When trying to view the raster in ArcMAP I get an error :- specified raster column does not exist

4) I then tried loading as a rasterdataset in ArcMAP. -- This never completed properly.

5) I then deleted the raster data contents in sql developer.

6) I needed to change the primary key values, and could then load the raster data using gdal.

7) I can then use the image in arcmap and the oracle viewer.

😎 If I calculate statictics then it breaks the image for both environment.


Any ideas / pointers that I can try.



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