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Geodatabase synchronize error

06-09-2019 03:07 AM
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We are facing an issue on GDB (ESRI) replication for our Oracle Enterprise Geodatabase.

Our GIS Production (Parent) geodatabase is 10.2.1 version and the Child GDB is at 10.6.1. The synchronization is performed from the 10.6.1 ArcGIS Desktop environment. The replicas were made as parent to child full model (including the geometric netwrok). One of the replica intermittently fails to synchronize. The failing replica is of the Electric distribution Network. Mostly after re-trying 4-5 attempts it gets through, but the error comes back some days after. The failure happens at the "Re-build geometric network" step of the synchronization process. The error messages that appear at the failure are given below.


Error 1 


Synchronize Replica failed

Table not registered [BAHRAIN.GDB_TEMP_USER_IDS]

The coordinate system description is invalid [BAHRAIN.HVUGElectricLineSegment]


Error 2


Synchronize Replica failed

Table not registered [BAHRAIN.GDB_TEMP_USER_IDS]

Invalid Table/column in SDO_GEOM_METADATA table [BAHRAIN.HVUGElectricLineSegment]



Error 3


Synchronize Replica failed

Table not registered [BAHRAIN.GDB_TEMP_USER_IDS]

Layer not found [BAHRAIN.LVUGElectricLineSegment]


 Please note that the 10.6.1 child geodatabase was upgraded from version 10.2.1. 



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