geodabase replication 9.3.1 <-> 10.4.1 <-> 10.4.1

11-25-2016 05:48 PM
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Dear all,

I have an interesting question and wanted to check if this is practically and technically possible. I have a 9.3.1 geodatabase thats MS SQL that i need to keep in sync with a publications 10.4.1 database - MS SQL. Also i need to keep the 10.4.1 publications database in sync with another 10.4.1 edits database. So in total there are 3 enterprise geodatabase in place. 

Has anyone attempted anything similar in the past? 

My main concerns is with the number of bidirectional replications if anything would be affected. As long as i time then in the right sequence i think should be ok but just wanted to check and if anyone has a better way. 



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Hi Dan

Performing geodatabase replication from a lower release geodatabase (9.3.1) to a higher one, or same release should be fine. But replicating from a higher release to a lower one is not recommended, as the higher release geodatabase may have functionality not supported/available in the lower release geodatabase. Please see this help topic,

Replication and geodatabase releases—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

Hope this helps,

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So the editing will be done in the 9.3.1 gdb and the 10.4.1 edits geodatabase only?

And you plan to use the 9.3.1 gdb and the 10.4.1 edits geodatabase as the Parent gdb  & the 10.4.1 publication gdb as the Child in both cases?

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If I may expose the obvious;  the sun has  set on 9.3.  It seems to me you should be upgrading your databases . 

That should just about do it....