Geocoding: Placement Within Polygon

02-14-2013 09:13 AM
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Hi all, I have encountered an odd problem while geocoding in Arc (Ver10.0 SP4 ArcEditor license).  I've been geocoding using parcel polygons as my source data with parcel ID numbers and a single value geocoder to perform this.  The placement within the polygons for matched parcel ID's is different from what I've experienced in previous versions.  In 9.3 I can recall specifying while building the locator whether to use the polygon centroid or 'label point'.  The label point option would ensure that the point was placed within the polygon and would use the centroid when this location was inside the polygon.  The centroid option would always place the point on the centroid whether it was inside or outside the matched polygon. 

In my current version the placement falls within the polygon but does not seem to use the centroid in some cases when it is clearly inside the polygon.  Is there anyway to have more consistent placement without resorting to generating new reference data to replace the polygons?  Is there anyway to specify what type of placement is used when geocoding to polygons?  

Attached is a image of the results of my geocoding efforts.  The red dots are geocoding placement at 10.0 SP4 the 'X' is placement from 9.3 geocoding. Parcel boundaries have not significantly changed.  Circle in blue is a case where the centroid falls outside the polygon, just for reference.


PS the 10.0 results seem to have found quite a few roof tops, I assure you this is coincidental!

Thanks for the interest, any help is appreciated 🙂

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