Generating a polygon feature class from a Raster Catalog's footprints

09-29-2010 12:34 PM
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I have an SDE managed raster catalog.  An external user wants a county subset of the 3500 tiles that make up the 500GB catalog.  Is there a way to merge the Raster Catalog wireframe or foot prints with polygon layer?  I just want a list of tiles that are covered by two counties.  It is going to be a large number a tiles but I still have the TIFs on another hard drive. 

If I can generate a list of tiles I'll convert that into a bat file that copies the original TIFs to an external hard drive then build a new raster catalog of the subset.  If there is an easier way to do this I'm all ears.
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Hello there,

This workflow may work for you.

1) Add the 500GB catalog to ArcMap table of contents
2) Make a selection on the 3500 tiles through the raster catalog attribute table.
3) Right click on the raster catalog in the table of contents and choose Data -> Export Footprint.
4) Then run the Copy Feature GP tool, copy the footprint to a feature class.

Then you can use this polygon feature class to merge with other polygon layer.

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If the ultimate goal is to have a new raster catalog of the subset, you  might want to check out the tool, Copy Raster Catalog Items.  It honors selections on the input raster catalog. 

The Data > Export Footprints option is only available in ArcGIS 10.

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  Thank you.  I have 1 PC running 10.0 so I did the Data > Export Footprints.  Worked great!
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If you are scripting or using ModelBuilder, the Copy Features tool will create footprint polygons if you provide it a raster catalog as input.

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