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01-11-2013 05:18 AM
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I'm trying to copy the 5-6-7 character in one field to another field, can anyone help me with this.  I used this
left( [Township_R], 2) to copy the first two characters but I'm stuck on the 5-6-7 characters.
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mid( [Township_R], 5, 3 ) ?
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Sure. You can use the Python rjust() method. It pads it with spaces though, so use it carefully.

x = !Township_R!

x.rjust(width[, fillchar])

width = total string length after padding (be mindful of your field length)
fillchar (optional) = filler character, default is a space (leave this out if you want space)

So if a record in Township_R is [ABC] then running this with a width of 5 (x.rjust(5)) will create [  ABC].
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