Field Calculator: Why am I getting "onChange" box?

09-03-2015 11:19 AM
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I am editing in a versioned sde.  In an edit session, I use the field calculator to change selected records in a layer. I get the following pop up. Why? and How do I not get this..

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Hi Anna,

1.  What version of ArcGIS Desktop are you using?

2.  What version is your SDE geodatabase?

3.  What RDBMS are you using (i.e. SQL Server 2014, Oracle

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Hi Anna,

This sometimes occurs for me when I am using third party tools and I have an event listener listening to when I have changed my data.  I will get a popup saying onChanged letting me know that the event listerner was hit.

You may want to make sure you do not have any addins or third party tools installed on your data.

Does this happen on all data or just a particular data set?  If its a particular dataset it may be a feature class extension, if its all data then it may be an editing extension.

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