Field Calculator Overwriting Values

07-05-2019 07:14 AM
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I am trying to use model builder to field calculate a bunch of values and I'm having this problem with the data being overwritten.  I've ran this type of model a million other times with no issue so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  


In the attached image of the model, I have two feature classes with address data.  LocIDAssigned_2 is the master data set.  I am trying to take data from NTP05 and field calculating it into the master dataset.  I did a join on a mutual field "street address" because that is the common unique field that both datasets share.  From there, I just field calc each field.  This works and the data I want calculated shows up just fine.  Where things go wrong, is when I try to do the same process with a new dataset.  If I field calc using the same process for the next dataset, for example NTP06, all the data that was calculated for NTP05 is erased.  It's like I can only field calc for one dataset, instead of building upon the previous dataset.  I hope that makes sense. 


I've been able to field calculate multiple datasets into one before with no issue so I'm not sure why data is disappearing?  It's like it is being overwritten?

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